The Bedouins treated their most prized possessions, their coveted Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses, with love, respect and kindness.

The goal of Round Mountain Arabians is to provide a loving, safe and natural environment for this noble, revered breed. Breeding the best to the best, bringing them into a nurturing, loving environment and encouraging youngsters to possess self-confidence as well as good manners is the goal at the farm. Considerations in choosing breedings are conformation, as we feel that horses are happier if they have a job and to do, and to do a job happily, they need to have good conformation. Of course, temperament goes hand in hand with being happy, doing their job, so temperament is another important consideration when choosing the perfect stallion cross.

The natural beauty that the Egyptian Arabian brings to the foal is a bonus that brings smiles from everyone who visits the farm. Choosing the top stallion to breed to each special mare is the first step to that outstanding individual. Encouraging the foal to be the best that they can be, to excel in whatever descipline is best for them is the goal. The horses are the focal point of the farm and visitors are most welcome.

Our Breeding Philosophy
~ Laura and Gene Graves
  Round Mountain Arabians