Horse Tales Literary Project

The Horse Tales Literacy Project is being offered in Arkansas, Florida and Arizona for fourth graders and all states this year for the first grade program. All are invited to participate with again the Foundation funding half of the cost! Please contact us for more information, 864-348-6300.


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Horse Tales
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Our horses adored having children read to them and sharing with youngsters, watching their faces light up as the horse listens to their story, is the best reward.

We are deeply involved in the Horse Tales Literacy Project. Please join us!

For information about sharing the magic of horses with children, please contact us or visit the web site at We welcome your comments and encourage you to join us as we give Walter Farley's books to children, a program that is available in every state.

Sharing the magic of horses, especially with children, is our dream and it came to a rewarding fruition through the Horse Tales Literacy Project. Children finding the joy of reading through the mastique of horses is truly 'As good as it gets'.